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By flagging your game as closed you remove it from the game search listings.
(Read All Tips)

By flagging your game as closed you remove it from the game search listings.

Players can only host playtest sessions on games flagged by the developer as open for playtesting.

Most recently edited games show up first in the search listings. So keep your game listings up to date.

Schedule listings are used for reoccuring game times. They are sorted by next game play date.

Player listing is displayed with most recently logged in users first.

Adding a Game Session is like advertising for Players to join you. It does not imply the game is started.

Creating a Game and flagging it open for playtesting will allow others to create game sessions.

Creating a game schedule tells users this game is actually being played. You must first create a game and then add a schedule to it.

Today's games window is based on game start date. Just starting window is based on game reocurring schedules. Logged in players are those who have had activity recently.

Remember to keep your skill list up to date so others can search for you.

To create a new game session, just click the ADD button in the game search window.

To send someone a message, you must first click on their name to show their player info. Then click on their name again to send a message.

You must be logged in to add or edit data. You do not have to login to browse data on this system. People can only find you though if you sign-up.

Events must first be approved to be listed. They are used for convention, guest speaker, and special events notifications.

The times on this system are in Central Standard Time (CST) and effected by day-light-savings time. CST = GMT - 6

Don't see your game system in the skill list? Double check first, but you can add a game systems to our directory! Just find the link in the add skill section.

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