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Creating a game schedule tells users this game is actually being played. You must first create a game and then add a schedule to it.
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The Scheduler is an advanced tool designed to help players meet to play a particular game system, using a certain mode of play, at a set regular time, and a specific location. If you just want to find a Master willing to run a game but not scheduled, use the Game search option instead. To find games that are currently scheduled:

    Select search restrictions on the form below.
    Leaving a field blank will match all data.
    Press SEARCH to display results.
    Use the menu bar to edit your game schedules.

Starting Date: or later
Day Played:
Play Time:  Central Standard (GMT-6) or later
 Plays Weekly?  Plays Bi-Weekly
 Plays Monthly?  Any Frequency
Game Type:
Play Mode:
Skill Level:
State: 2 letter code if in USA
Game Name:
 Commercial?  Lurkers Allowed?
Games per page:


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