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GAME: Dogfight (Beginner)
DESC: This is a new set collection card game based on aerial combat during World War I....

GAME: Third and Long: The PFL Expansion (Beginner)
DESC: This is the first expansion set to the award winning "Third and Long: The Football Card Game" from IPG....

GAME: Abducted By Aliens (Beginner)
DESC: Abducted by Aliens is a family board game for 3 to 4 people. The goal of the game is to move from the middle of the map to its corners. The players perform, draw, solve puzzles and more....

GAME: Fantasy Hex Wars (Beginner)
DESC: Fantasy Hex Wars (FHW) is an online, turn-based, strategy game for 2-12 players. Players pick a race from Human, Elf, Dwarf or Orc - each have their own unique strengths - then compete on a hexagonal board for dominance. The game has a strong element of team play. A game ends when only one player, or one alliance, survive....

GAME: Government Sanctioned (Beginner)

 GAME: Sorrow (Master)

 GAME: Politiclash (Beginner)
DESC: 150+ card game somewhat similar in play to Miles Borne, only with a political theme and interesting rule variations based on the rough-and-tumble world of politics.

OBJECT OF THE GAME: Win the election by garnering the most votes amidst a slew of obstacles.

Number of Players: 2-to-3
Approximate Time to Play: 45 minutes

Click HERE for the RULES PDF!...

GAME: ShatterCaster: New Kingdom (Beginner)
DESC: ShatterCaster: New Kingdom is game of strategy and sorcery delivering fast, compelling battles between rival factions destined to rule the world. Matches require at least 2 players. Interested in playtesting or reviewing the rules, drop a line @ http://egsa.com/thetower/?page_id=21 with position "playtest" or "rules" ...

GAME: Baseball Stategy (Intermediate)
DESC: I wrote super advanced rules for this game to make it more realistic without ading play time and need playtesters. Will do some light travel...

GAME: StrikeForce:2136 (Intermediate)
DESC: Humanities last war created our greatest enemy, the Paulson units. For 30 years the Corporations fought them; the Coporations victory was the start of humanities last war, nations versus corps. The recreation of the UN saved humanity from that war, at the cost of creating the System. The System saved us from ourselves; but the System has its own goals and each one of us pays for achieving those goals. The question is are you willing to pay that price? Its 2136 the system controls every aspect of human life and has a plan for its future. The System dominates will you fight it? I need play testers to discuss the book layout, the game itself from the system to the setting. Looking for feedback about the direction and such....

 GAME: Altered Earth (Beginner)
DESC: High powered science fiction setting for the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rules. ...

 GAME: Quique (Beginner)
DESC: Quique (pronounced Quick..) Is a rules lite one page rpg meant for traditional table top play or online play. The mechanic is diceless. Players create characters using Elements and Traits. For task resolution the GM picks a secret number 1-20. The player then picks a number 1-20. The appropriate Element/Trait combo gives the player a +/- bonus to their chosen number, called a Reach. If the GM's secret number is within the player's chosen number +/- Reach then the task is successful....

 GAME: Dice Chucker (Beginner)
DESC: A game about dicey goodness. The system uses a pool to represent a characters potiental. You roll the dice and use an appropriate Attribute. An Attribute tells you how many of those dice rolled you can select to use to compare to a Toughness Number to determine success. Power Dice are special dice that add a bit of fun to rolling. These dice may give in game bonus or they could actual alter things out of game. ...

 GAME: Mezzo Game System (Beginner)
DESC: Mezzo is a rpg I've been working on. The game can perhaps best be summed up by a few key features:
* Emergent Characters: Character details and traits are defined during play, allowing for a more fast and loose play style.
* Narrative Arcs: The game has built in mechanics to support rising tension, a climactic conflict, and bringing things to a close.
* Collaborative: Mezzo is design to work without a GM. All players have equal ability to shape the game.
* No Player Lock Out: Players can influence events even if they have no character under their control. This means loss of a character doesn't leave the player sitting on their hands.

The game is currently in playtest and I'm looking for people to help me improve and streamline it....

 GAME: LARP (Master)

 GAME: BoxHead Bounty Hunter (Intermediate)

 GAME: Online Living Game - second round of playtesting (Beginner)
DESC: RPGtonight (a virtual tabletop site) is getting into full swing as of late February and is looking for more players. We have nine GMs and several games going on each week. Think of it as an MMO game done tabletop style. The playtests will be running for 3 or 4 months more. If interested please take a look at the information on the main page of our site ( www.rpgtonight.com ) and in the Living Game Playtests information and recruitment section of our message boards. The playtests use the D&D 4e system. Rules set pdfs will be emailed to GMs and players promptly. Session scheduling will be extremely flexible, with sessions being scheduled by GMs and players according to their availability. RPGtonight is a free online virtual tabletop that works in your browser. You don't have to download anything, just get on and play. ...

 GAME: Twilight Corps: The Omega Legacy (Beginner)
DESC: Twilight Corps is new superhero RPG in need of playtesting, breaking and repairing....

GAME: Space Clash / Elemental Clash (Beginner)
DESC: Space Clash is a sci-fi retheme for my fantasy card game Elemental Clash. You assume the role of an interstellar warlord. You can play as Human, Skaargan, Xenoid or Attrayid, or you may forge alliances between two or more races. The aim of the game is to deplete the opponent's draw-pile by inflicting damage on him or her using your structures, spaceships, troops, equipment and events. Please write to andreas.propst31@gmail.com if you wanna help me in playtesting. everyone who significantly contributed to the game will be mentioned in the credits!...

 GAME: Threshold (Intermediate)

GAME: City of Guilds (Beginner)
DESC: The Great City of Andalanshar, capital of the nation of Andal, ruled by the great potentate and council of Andals, but controlled by the 6 great guilds. Now the great potentate has died and the council members are all vying to gain control of the city. To do this they must gain the support of the people and the guilds... City of Guilds is a board game for 1-4 players, where the players try to gain control of the city by gaining influence in the various districts of the city. They do this by assuming the roles of 1 of the 6 great guilds and by playing action cards....

 GAME: Aeon War (Novice)
DESC: You hear that? that is the bell of war... It echoes through time... It resounds again... Are you ready? Build a powerful militant force in the era of Ancients and evolve that force through time. The Eras: Ancient, Medieval, Revolutionary, Industrial, Modern and the futuristic Cyborn era. ...

 GAME: Kami Tejinashi (Novice)
DESC: Based in a medieval setting the people of the world have gained the power of the gods and use that power for many reasons; personal and professional. Features: -Unique customizable 4 deck system -Involves cards and a game board with miniatures. ...

GAME: Heroes of the Jade Oath (Master)
DESC: Rite Publishing is looking for serious professional level play-testers to help improve the Heroes of the Jade Oath BETA patronage project. Please contact me at worldsmith (at) gmail (dot) com Thank you Steven D. Russell ...

 GAME: The Edge (alpha version) (Beginner)
DESC: A Sci Fi RPG borrowing elements from many different sources, including S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Mirror's Edge, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Blade Runner and many others. Characters find employment in a city completely run by corporations. The outskirts of the city are infested with gangs, dangerous mutants, and radioactive waste. The core of the city is a total police state. Seeking people to help flesh out the setting too!...

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